Tours & Services


ALMANAQUE Bureau is our office of professional services specialized in contemporary art.


Legal Advice:

With more than 20 years of experience, we provide Legal Advice and Representation on Private Law related to the Arts including Civil, Trade, Trust, Copyright and International Law, as well as advisory in acquisition, certification, and insurance of artistic productions.


Events & Exhibitions:


We conceive each event or exhibition as a tailored-made-suit to achieve the desired objective, whether is i) niche impact, ii) media or critique coverture, iii) attending public, iv) commercial revenue or v) branding positioning related to the arts.



Selection of international artists (emerging, mid-career or established) of contemporary visual and performing disciplines, curatorship, production, mounting, museography and programming of events and exhibitions in collaboration with brands as well as public and private institutions.


Performance & mise en scène:

Venue:Selection, leasing, permissions and insurance of venues (museums, galleries, theaters, halls, public spaces, heritage buildings, etc.)

Oeuvre: Advice on freight, imports, insurance, design and mounting of artistic work or exhibitions.

Texts: Writing and translation (English-Spanish-French) of communication pieces related to the arts, including curatorial texts, catalogs, press releases, interviews, articles, etc.