JUPITER XL. Because we remember Mnemósine.


Roger Ballen, South Africa

Louisa Bäcker, Germany

Ben de Biel, Germany

Yves Borgwardt, United States

Alexandra Cor, Germany

José Luis Cuevas, México

Fernando  Etulain, Mexico

Santiago Hafford, Argentina

Pablo Ortiz-Monasterio, Mexico

Hans Martin Sewcz, Germany

Jen Osborne, Canada

Mara Sánchez-Renero, Mexico

Anika Schwarzlose, Netherlands

Paddy Summerfield, United Kingdom

Daniela Tkachenko, Russia,



In the late twenties, the German art historian Aby Warburg created a picture atlas, with an immense collection of 2000 images from all around the globe, which were showing the permanent re-invention of the  antiquity, within the ever revolving stories of live. He called his collection 'Mnemosyne‘.

In 2003 a satellite moon of Jupiter was named after Meme with the scientific name of Jupiter XL though. Almanaque is born as a new satellite in the photography and publishing cosmos. For that matter our exhibit’s main subject is life itself, the different forms it takes, as well as it’s remembrance.


Corinna Koch