Body Matters

Jon Cazenave (SP)

Jesús León (MX)

Ricardo Nicolayevsky (MX)

Sakiko Nomura (JA)

Heji Shin (SK)

Curating: Corinna Koch


In Physics, a Body is an identifiable collection of matter more or less constrained to move together in a three dimensional space. Each object has a unique and independent identity. Two objects may be identical in all properties —except position and form— but still remain distinguishable. 

We define objects by the simplest representation of its boundaries according to the personal, therefore unique observations we make about them. Atoms of an object however change over time, as well of our perception of these physical bodies  changes, due to the meaning we pore into them. 

Martin Heidegger reminds us in ‘The Origin of the Work of Art’: 

"Concealment and hiddenness are the necessary preconditions for unconcealment (Aletheia), i.e. Truth. Yet, as soon as meaning is pinned down and the artwork no longer offers resistance to rationalization, the engagement which formed that bigger picture is over, and the bits of truth disperse into space". 

When facing art we confront a riddle and the existence of truth is the product of this struggle of matter taking place within the artwork.

ALMANAQUE’s fall exhibition ‘Body Matters’, shows a lush scope from five artists around the globe who depicts a certain engagement into the deconstruction of  ‘things’ in order to crystallise a notion of beauty in their subject matters.


Corinna Koch & Arturo Delgado. Mexico City, 2016