Beyond Zero

Jon Cazenave (SP)

Fernando Etulain (MX)

Konstantin Grebnev (RU)

Fabiola Menchelli (MX)

Roger Steffens and The Family Acid (USA)


The Supremus group around Russian painter Kasimir Malevich met exactly one century ago in 1916 to discuss the philosophy of the artistic movement called Suprematism and its development into other areas of intellectual life.

In a letter to a colleague, Malevich  explained: “We are planning to put out a journal and have begun to discuss the how and what of it. We intend to reduce everything to zero. Afterwards we ourselves will go beyond zero“.

In Suprematism, Kazimir Malevich and his fellow artists focused on basic geometric forms, such as circles, squares, lines, and rectangles, painted in a limited range of colors, corresponding to a “pure feeling towards art”. In our hyper-real world of today, where even the most profane aspects of life are documented forming a register that meanders in the visual spheres, touching social media, news, pop culture and art, it is time to go back and touch base with a true feeling that art, in it’s most etheric form, allows us to express.

“Beyond Zero” re-interprets this space of futurist experimentation, and show photographic works that touch the essence of abstract art.

Corinna Koch